It started in Puerto Rico

The inside of a cacao pod

We've made the move! Finca Chocolate has relocated to Puerto Rico! Cacao trees are being planted and development is underway. That means our delicious chocolate won't be available for a bit. Stay tuned!

With the acquisition of Fernwood Finca in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Dan and Nancy began looking for a way to spend time in their home in the foothills of Appalachia in southern Ohio and head to the mountains.

We are small and new. Our products will develop with time from input from our customers and our own family.

The mission of fincaChocolate:

Each bar is simple and honest. Organic cacao + organic sugar + love = fincaChocolate

We believe all the people involved in bringing you this delicious chocolate deserve to be fairly compensated for their efforts. We strive to do business with people who care about their product, their employees, and the earth we live on.

More times than not, the farmers and workers have not shared in the wealth created by this amazing food.

"Our dream is to grow our own beans and to transform those beans into wonderful chocolate to share with the world," Dan said.

"We planted cacao (Theobroma Cacao) trees in 2012 and plan to offer a limited, premium dark chocolate offering from our own land."

Future projects:

Dream to Bar - our own beans, grown on our own farm. Made the right way, so the world can taste our dream. Our trees are growing now!